when you ask your followers to send you asks, but none of them do


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When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level

*gordon ramsay voice* what the fuck is this

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snap my fingers in a z formation and fuck i accidentally just burnt the the whole building down

i am roy mustang

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the sun doesn’t have to go to college bc it already has 28 million degrees

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shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license

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snaps from central: sent from alphonse elric → all contacts; sent from greedling → alphonse elric

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    book one: professor mcgonnagal and the you put a WHAT in our WHERE albus
    book two: professor mcgonnagal and the we have a WHAT IN OUR WHERE ALBUS
    book three: professor mcgonnagal and the ministry is sending us WHAT because of WHO
    book four: professor mcgonnagal and the ARE YOU SHITTING ME ALBUS
    book five: professor mcgonnagal and the we have WHO telling us to do WHAT
    book six: professor mcgonnagal and the albus do something NO NOT THAT
    book seven: professor mcgonnagal and the I FINALLY GET TO BLOW SHIT UP THANK YOU WIZARD GOD
 ↳"Tell them the truth. Tell them you got carried away."

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